Couple are suing supermarket after chicken ‘caused IVF treatment to fail’

A couple are suing Tesco, claiming that food poisoning they allegedly got from pre-cooked chicken ruined their chances of having a baby.


by Jack White |
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Lisa Fessey, 41, and her husband insist that the virus stopped her IVF treatment from working.

It was their second attempt at IVF, after the first time she was implanted with an embryo failed.

She said: “We had suffered years of heartache and frustration and believed we would finally be able to start a family of our own.”

Lisa admitted that after they realised the IVF treatment had failed, following the food poisoning, she and her husband hoped that Tesco would pay for them to have the treatment again.

The couple claim the chicken ruined their IVF treatment
The couple claim the chicken ruined their IVF treatment


“It was such a crushing blow to us as realistically it was our last chance,” she said. “We are no longer entitled to IVF on the NHS and we cannot afford to pay for it privately, so we hoped Tesco would help but they turned us down.”

According to Lisa’s solicitor, their hopes for a baby were ‘cruelly destroyed by Tesco’s simple failure to follow straightforward food hygiene requirements.’

However Tesco say they have taken urgent action to check their cleaning routines.

While Tesco have admitted causing Lisa and her husband’s virus, they insist that the IVF failing was no fault of theirs.

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