This couple orgasm for up to 18 hours a day

ITV This Morning couple orgasm 18 hours

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A couple have revealed their secret to 18 hour long orgasms, on today's This Morning show.

If you ask us, any old orgasm is good news - but this couple raise the bar with climaxes that can last for almost a whole day.

Melanie and Scott McClure from Texas, who have been married for nine years, told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about their tantric sex technique, which allows them to prolong their orgasms for hours on end.

WATCH: Holly and Phil completely lose it interviewing the 18 hour orgasm couple

Scott said: "One of the key things that people don’t realise is that orgasm is different from the traditional release of climax."

“You can have an experience when you keep going. It builds and builds and builds. You stay in a state. You can have a blissful orgasm without the traditional release. It takes years of practice.”

But, despite what you might think, the orgasms themselves don't necessarily come from sex. The couple say they have learned to orgasm while hugging or even in separate rooms, using each other's energy.

However, it is often during sex too. Melanie said: “The longer we make love the more energised you get.”

ITV This Morning couple orgasm 18 hours
The couple say they can reach orgasm just through hugging (Credit: ITV/This Morning) ©(Credit: ITV/This Morning)

The orgasms they have are different to your bog-standard ones, Scott adds.

“It’s much more wonderful and intense and it’s a full body experience. You have to be connected with your feelings. With tantra you experience all the emotions in love-making. It’s a spiritual practise as well as an orgasmic one.”

ITV This Morning couple orgasm 18 hours
This couple's orgasms last for hours (Credit: ITV/This Morning) ©(Credit: ITV/This Morning)

In true Holly and Phil style, the hosts couldn't stop laughing during the interview. At the end, Holly said: "This has been one of my favourite interviews ever!”

If you fancy learning more about the couple's jumbo orgasm technique, they do teach classes to share their secrets with the masses - but the hitch is that you'll have to go to Texas to take them. Hmm...we'll have to weigh up our priorities!

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