Closer speaks to ‘The Paedophile Hunter’ Stinson Hunter: ‘I’m homeless and in debt- but I still get more arrests than the police’

Following Channel 4's controversial documentary 'The Paedophile Hunter', Closer Online caught up with the man himself, Stinson Hunter, to find out his next move in the war against online sexual predators...


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Stinson on how he became a ‘Paedophile Hunter’…

"Me and my ex had broken up in 2009. I was a bit upset, so I decided to channel my energy into something- catching online predators.

"A friend said she'd come over and have a drink and a chat. She arrived and said, “Oh I got asked for ID,” and I was like: “Really? Do you get asked for ID a lot?”

"I said, do you think if I put a picture of you online and told people you were a kid, do you think paedophiles would believe you?

"So we put her photo on a chatroom- or whatever- and waited. Eventually someone- a paedophile- was like ‘Oh, hi'. The fake profile was an experiment. I said “tell them you’re 15, tell them you’re 15 and see what they do.”

"I wanted to see if they'd turn up, and they did. I didn’t confront them or anything I just sat and watched them out of the window. It was the first I’d seen of the online grooming, exploitation world."

Stinson appeared on This Morning last week
Stinson appeared on This Morning last week

"We set out to humiliate them and make them cry for what they’d done. And we were like, people would probably want to see this..."

Stinson on taking his methods to the next level…

"About a year later I broke up with a different girlfriend and I was in a really, really bad way for about 9 months. I was heartbroken. I was suicidal, but my dog was the thing that got me through. I couldn’t leave her here, alone. I had a breakdown at that time...

"Anyway, at this point I was in the middle of catching a sex offender and creating my first video, and I got my brother to come along and film it for me. We released the video and it went viral, and then my mates got involved.

"And that’s how it started, basically. From the first video in January in 2013 it’s been absolutely non-stop chaos."

Stinson on what motivates him….

"Nobody else would do it. I mean it’s a problem and nobody else was tackling it. I got to the point where I would see like these armchair activists on Twitter and it got to me that people would notice that something was wrong, but they wouldn’t do anything about it. That’s why I took this so seriously, I didn’t want people to think I was taking the piss with it.

"It's not because of any personal vendetta, but because I absolutely believe it’s the right thing to do."

"This issue needed to be pushed into the public domain and that’s what I set out to do. I think I might have done that. I’ve opened a lot of people's eyes. It’s almost a way of me trying to validate myself, trying to be taken seriously, for people to see that I can be a good person. I wanted to show that bad people can turn their lives around.

"I’d never blame my family for anything that’s happened to me. What happened to me was irrelevant..."

On keeping his cool around paedophiles…

"It’s like any job, if you want to keep that job and if you want to keep your liberty, you don’t piss about. I like being out of prison and I don’t want to go back there.

"I don’t want to jeopardise my work and the project. Just before I got run over, I think I started struggling a bit, it got a bit much too much for me and that’s why I didn’t really realise that a car driving towards me was a bad idea."

Stinson on celebrity support...

"Michelle Kegan (tweeted her support during the documentary), I mean my mates are all really jealous, but I don’t watch TV or anything. A few singers and artists have been supportive. I just don’t know how it’s happened!

"I look at my Twitter follower count and then I look at people who I respect and I see them... I’m like how did this happen?"

Stinson on fame...

"It doesn’t sit well with me, it’s really uncomfortable, I am just a normal idiot, I am just a normal guy, you know. I have celebrities tweeting about it. I’m not bothered about the celebrity side of stuff. I’m just happy to go home to my misses and kids."

Stinson's partner and her thoughts on his career choice...

"She loves it, she always tweets about how proud she is about it."

Stinson on revealing his career to his son...

"He’s only about nine months old, he doesn’t even know how to crawl yet. It’s a tough one to explain, but when he’s talking and starts asking stuff, it’s going to be a tough one- but until he is old enough for his brain to be able to fully comprehend the seriousness of what I do…

"He certainly won’t be going on the Internet unsupervised or anything like that and he’s not going to be able to watch TV unsupervised, that is something I will implement throughout his childhood and as he gets older he’ll understand and know exactly why I brought him up the way I have.

"The world is getting more dangerous, I’m just looking out to protect kids online."****

Stinson on children's charities and the police...

"The police couldn’t cope with me, so the NSPCC came and had a little chat with me, and I said to them you are absolutely clueless.

"Charities put out these really horrible adverts, you don’t need to do that, nobody watches them adverts, I turn the TV over, anything like that comes up I turn over, it’s too much.

"I’m not saying that I’m better than anybody else, but I certainly know how to market something and I certainly know how to get people’s attention, because look what I’ve done.

"There’s not enough protection, there’s not enough out there to warn kids and that’s sort of what I want to start working on next.

Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden speaking to Stinson

"The NSPCC, all these children’s charities are out of touch, the government are out of touch, higher up in the police are out of touch...

"I’m a thorn in their sides now, I’m a thorn in everyone’s side, until this gets sorted, until kids can’t access the internet without proper supervision. Accessing these sites is so easy,

"You have to access a site that is for people that are over the age of 18, you should have to provide proof. I think every site should take a debit card, that’s been registered at someone’s address, been opened with an official bank, to access these sites, because then we’ve got tabs on them.

"If you’re not doing anything wrong you’ve got nothing to worry about."

"These people that moan about getting ID cards, give me an ID card, I don’t give a sh*t- I’ve done nothing wrong- people only moan if they’ve got something to worry about."

Stinson on children using Facebook and Twitter...

"Are parents so stupid to realise that your kids shouldn’t be on there, it really gets my back up. You see these kids that are on there, they’ve got their pictures all over the place and they are in their bikinis, posting their addresses, their locations and I’m just like are you really that daft.

"Please parents, please, listen to what I’m saying. Stop letting your kids run rampant on the Internet, I’ve proven that there are men out there that will go to some severe lengths to have sex with a child.

"One guy came all the way down from Manchester to Nuneaton, that’s a trek- it took about five hours- to have sex with an 11-year-old autistic child, he is a prime example of what lurks on the internet..."

Stinson on featuring Roger Wilson in the Channel 4 documentary...

"I fought and fought and fought a battle to make sure that Roger Wilson would go in to that film, I did everything I could to ensure that Roger was in that film, because it is that important for the public to see that these people lurk out there with that level of depravity.

"He hasn’t been charged, he hasn’t been found guilty, even though the evidence is overwhelming. It’s really scary that these people who are supposed to protect our country are letting people like Roger walk free.

"Since they let him off without charge, he has been absolutely disgusting online, he’s been abusing me and my admin on Facebook with homophobic and racist bigotry comments, absolutely appalling things he’s been saying, and that just compounds exactly what I’m saying about him. Roger Wilson is an absolute danger to public safety."

Stinson on what shocks him...

"Nothing surprises me… When I caught a former chief constable last year, who was supposed to be meeting a 13 year old girl, that was when I really got shocked.

"It scares me that people like Roger Wilson are being let go, that upsets me, people are being paid millions of pounds a year to protect our children and I’m down 200 pound a month.

"I’m in debt, I’ve lost five and a half stone in weight."

"This is why I set up the kickstarter project, because I want to carry on, but I can’t afford to carry on myself, I can’t afford to carry it on without any support. I’ve been ill, I’ve broken both ankles…"

Stinson on being involved in a 'hit and run' after catching a predator last year...

"He pleaded guilty for the sex offence, but not guilty for the hit and run.

"I was refused compensation as well, even though I’ve suffered and am still suffering now. I’ve got a bit of a stutter, which has come back, and I can’t walk properly and I’ve got a massive, massive hole in the back of my head."

Stinson on his success rate…

"In the last six months we’ve had more arrests and convictions than any police forces have had, that’s a fact, that’s why police would not release any information as it would validate everything that I’m saying.

"I’m doing this and I’m homeless, I’ve got nowhere to live, I’ve had to give up my house, I’m living in a single bed in my mate’s son’s old bedroom, but I’m still managing to achieve convictions just with a Macbook and an iPhone.

Stinson is in debt and has lost over five stone in weight

"They are getting millions and millions of pounds, paid lunches, pottering about and then going alright we’ll arrest someone, whereas I can get a guy, talk to a guy and within 24 hours I can have him charged and in court. I’m better than the police. Police f**k about and do nothing. Why can’t they get the results if we manage to?"

Stinson on the alleged protection of high profile sex offenders and paedophiles…

"I’m not going to say a lot cause I’ll get myself in trouble. There’s been a few arrests recently... But I feel that in some of these high profile cases the people at the top are protected by their big buddies... and it’s scary, it’s really scary."

Stinson on Katie Hopkins…

"The whole snobbery thing, with the whole celebrity culture of snobbery… I’m going to focus on Hopkins cause I don’t like her at all, you know she sits there in her ivory little castle thinking she’s better than everyone else, bullying people.

"Attitudes like Katie Hopkins, slagging off my hometown... Those people are f**king good people. They might not have a lot, they might come across as common, but how I see them they are my friends, I love them.

"Everybody else slagging off my town, f**k that, what matters is the kids.

"Katie Hopkins has nothing nice to say about anybody, she says these paedophiles must be desperate to go there, yeah paedophiles are desperate, don’t get it twisted Katie, these paedophiles would come and abuse your kids - it’s not a class thing.

"Don’t think you’re safe just because you’re in your ivory tower, how do you know your kids aren’t being groomed online?"

"She’s scum, all the people she’s slagging off that she thinks she’s better than, she’s lower than them.

"Nuneaton is a lovely little town, there’s some great people from there.

"I don’t like bullshting I don’t like pretending to be someone that I’m not, if I’ve got an opinion on something I’ll try to put it across in a sort of educated way. I try to be smart, but keep it real. I am a commoner, I’m not sitting up in an ivory tower. Any one who slags that off needs to sort their life out, especially that horse faced ct Katie Hopkins, put that in there."

Stinson on plans to speak to politicians…

"I’ve got the world to change now, I’m trying to get David Cameron to have a little chat with me, but he’s ignoring my tweets.

"I want to speak to Nick Clegg too, he’s a lying piece of s**t, I voted for him, it’s the first time I ever voted and I voted for Nick Clegg and he let me down, the absolute rat.

"If people want my opinion on somebody I’ll give it to them, no matter how big they are. I don’t think I’m better than anybody else, if you treat me with respect, I’ll treat you with respect. I try to treat everybody the same and that’s just how I’ve always been."

Stinson on future plans...

"I don't associate myself with a group - I don't encourage people to do what I do. I take the evidence and give it to the police. I'm doing this to raise awareness.

"If things don't change soon I will cause absolute chaos. The Internet is my tool..."

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