Chilling ultrasound picture goes viral – but can you spot why?

This terrifying baby scan picture has gone viral - but can you spot what’s wrong with it?


by Kayleigh Dray |
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There’s no point denying it; plenty of people get excited about ultrasound pictures.

After all, there’s a little bundle of life in there… and it signals the start of a new chapter in a family’s life.

However, while most ultrasounds spark feelings of joy (mingled with a healthy dose of money anxiety, naturally), the latest scan to hit the internet has left people terrified.

Shared on Imgur by an anonymous user, it was captioned simply: “A friend's ultrasound.

“When you see it…”

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They’re right; once seen, this can’t be unseen.

But have you spotted what’s wrong with the ultrasound?

If you’re still struggling, take a look to the right of the foetus… and focus on the shape hiding there in the shadows.

Can you see it now?


As one shocked Imgur user puts it: “There's a demon next to that bean!”

Another commented: “Oh my! That's terrifying… I see 2 entities on either side of the foetus.”

And another, slightly more blunt, person responded with a simple: “Holy s**t!”

However there is some confusion over what we’re actually seeing in the image.

One user hit back at all those who said they could see a demon, insisting: “No, it's a Hindu goddess.”

Another added: “I'm seeing a friendly mermaid. Everyone else is seeing a demon. We're all weird.”

“Everyone's seeing a demon, but come on. That baby is peeing!” snapped another.

And one prankster couldn’t stop themselves from joking: “That thing in the middle looks like 18 years of your life gone.”


Whatever it is, the picture has been viewed more than 500,000 times since being uploaded yesterday.

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