11-year-old child genius invents life-saving device for children stuck in hot cars


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Child genius Bishop Curry has invented a fan that could save the lives of children stuck in hot cars

Bishop Curry is just 11-years-old, but he's already a inventor.

He has created a fan that attaches to the head rest in a car which comes on automatically when the temperature gets to a certain level.

The young lad became inspired to create the invention after seeing a devastating story on his local news channel that a six-month-old baby had died after being left in a hot car.

Bishop was inspired to create the fan after a baby died in a hot car (Credit: NBC News) ©NBC News

Only hours after hearing the tragic news, Bishop decided to think up a way to prevent this happening to more babies and children during the hot summer months.

The fan, which he named "Oasis", automatically detects the temperature, and immediately starts to cool down the air in the car.

Bishop's dad, Bishop Curry IV, told CBS News: "It made him sad, and at that point, the wheels started turning in his mind. He came up with a way to prevent it from happening.

"When he showed me that sketch I was so proud of him for thinking of a solution. We always just complain about things and rarely offer solutions."

He named the fan "Oasis" (Credit: NBC News) ©NBC News

Mr Curry explained how the device worked on behalf of his young son: "The device detects if a vehicle comes to stop, using GPS technology. It then detects if a child is in that car seat, and if the car is heating up.

"If all of those things are taking place it blows cold air on the child through an internal cooling system.

"This device is designed to buy time and give parents a second chance to run out and get their kids. He's trying to delay a tragic event by doing something that really makes sense."

Bishop's dad is VERY proud of his son (Credit: NBC News) ©NBC News

But it doesn't stop there - the little lad made the device WiFi enabled in case they needed to be rescued from a dangerous situation.

The built-in antenna rings the child's parents, then going through to emergency services if they are unable to answer their phone.

Bishop presented his invention at the Centre for Child Injury Prevention Conference, and it is being considered by several manufacturing companies, although it needs to undergo testing before it is made.

Bishop's original plans (Credit: NBC News) ©NBC News

A Go Fund Me page on behalf of Bishop to provide funding for the invention has already raised over $40,000 (around £30,000).

You go, Bishop!

WATCH: Bishop explain his device

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