Child ‘fires’ babysitter with hilarious letter

A child has fired their baby-sitter in a hilarious handwritten note.

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by Fiona Day |
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Not all of us liked our babysitters, but most of us learnt to put up with evil child minders just to avoid getting into trouble.

One child, however, cleverly decided to take things into their own hands and terminate their babysitter’s employment in a handwritten letter.

It turns out that their babysitter wasn’t a big fan of his/her’s barbie doll and made fun of the fantastic plastic creation, which was just one step too far.

The feisty kid wrote:’Thank you for baby sitting me. I like you but you said you don’t like my barbie so you are fired.’

‘But we can still talk on the phone and be friends but if you make fun of my barbie again I will punch you.’

Babysitters sometimes send you to bed too early… They don’t let you eat sweets…. But slagging off a barbie??? That is just too much…

It is not known if the kid’s babysitter took any notice of their, ahem, ’notice,’ but hopefully they’ll steer clear of any barbie criticisms!

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