Cheating man exposed when 17 girlfriends turn up at hospital bedside

A man in China has been arrested for fraud, after being caught out by his SEVENTEEN girlfriends, none of whom knew about one another.


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The man, who has not been named, only got found out when he was in an accident and ended up in hospital.

Doctors contacted his ‘loved ones’ - as is procedure when someone injures themselves seriously - only for 17 different women to show up at his bedside.

Stock image used
Stock image used

Some of the women he had been dating for years, while another even had a child with the cheater.

‘I was really worried when I hear that he was in hospital,’ one of his girlfriends told a local paper in the area.

‘But then I started seeing more and more beautiful girls show up, I couldn’t cry any more.’

Another woman, who has a child with the man, was horrified by what she discovered.

‘What can I do now? I don’t love him any more, but I do love my son.’

Infidelity isn’t illegal in China, but many of the women have alleged that the mage committed fraud.

The women have even set up a ‘revenge alliance’ chatroom and through this have discovered that the man regularly took money from them.

One of the women had been giving him money for nine years.

What a dirty dog ey!

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