Cheating boyfriend dumped in hilarious stunt by scorned girlfriends

A cheating boyfriend has felt the wrath of his two girlfriends, after the pair teamed up to dump him in a very public manner.

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After discovering that their lover, Steven Frazer, had been two-timing them over a number of months, Nicola Morland and Angela Illingworth decided to join forces to get their own back.

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Producing a large banner with the words 'Steve Frazer You're Dumped, By BOTH of your girlfriends,' the women hung the poster from a bridge over the A1.

The message was accompanied by a picture of their love-rat boyfriend, as well as a selfie of the two girls together, just to make sure Steve knew he was absolutley busted.

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It is thought the poster was seend by thousands of people on their way to work yesterday, as the A1 provides the main commuter route into Gateshead and Newcastle.

According to reports, Mr Frazer had dated Ms Morland for several years but when they split up he began seeing Ms Illingworth. However, after rekindling his relationship with Ms Morland, he failed to break things off with Illingworth and continued to date them both until he was caught out.

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Sadly, Mr Frazer could not be contacted for comment.

What do you think of this stunt? Would you team up with another woman to get revenge?

Would you team up with the 'other woman' to get revenge on your partner?

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