Charlie Bit My Finger: here’s what the brothers look like now

It's been almost FIFTEEN years since the iconic video was first uploaded

Charlie Bit My Finger now

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In news that has made us feel EXTREMELY old, nearly 15 years have passed since the iconic Charlie Bit My Finger video first appeared on YouTube.

One of the first examples of going viral, the hilarious clip features then-toddler Charlie Davies-Carr biting his older brother Henry’s finger as he sat on his lap. Charlie laughs as Henry screams in pain before he utters the immortal words, “Charlie bit me… and that really hurt Charlie and it’s still hurting.”

Honestly, it still brings us to tears of joy almost a decade and a half and more than 880 million views (though not all of them are us, of course) later.

A lot has changed since the video was first uploaded to the internet, not least Harry and Charlie as they’re now teenagers. If you’re wondering what they look like in 2021, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve done some digging to find out everything you need to know about the Charlie Bit My Finger boys now.

What do the Charlie Bit My Finger children look like now?

It may be hard to believe but Charlie Davies-Carr and his brother Henry are now 15 and 17 years old respectively. In fact, Henry is going to be an ADULT when he turns 18 in December. Oh, how time flies.

The pair looked unrecognizable during their most recent TV appearance alongside dad Howard back in May when they appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss selling off the video as a non-fungible token (NFT).

Charlie Bit My Finger now

What are the Charlie Bit My Finger children doing now?

Charlie and Henry are both still at school, but since their video went viral they've also starred in adverts for Renault, EE, Delta Air Lines, Ragu and Gerber. Charlie is hoping to pursue a career in vlogging and regularly posts on YouTube, Twitch and Discord, however Henry has admitted he's not interested in creating content anymore.

Why isn't the Charlie Bit My Finger video on YouTube any more?

The original video uploaded by the boys’ dad has been removed from YouTube after they sold it as an NFT (that’s a digital record that proves ownership, FYI) for £500,000. Bidding started at $1,000 and quickly rose before an anonymous bidder who goes by the name 3fmusic won. This means he now has sole control of the video.

How much money did the Charlie Bit My Finger video make?

As well as £500,000 made from the sale of the NFT, the Davies-Carr family had made around £1million in royalties as of 2017.

The family have welcomed another two sons – Jasper and Rupert – since the video went viral and mum Shelley has admitted this wouldn’t have been possible without the money they earned from the clip.

They haven’t splashed out too much though and dad Howard still works as an IT consultant. The money has also allowed them to pay for private education for their children.

Howard previously explained, "Charlie once came home and said, 'Is it true you can buy me a Ferrari?' In reality, we don't actually treat them that much."

Charlie then joked, “The video has made money? What money?", to which Henry added, “He keeps it very secret, don't you Daddy?"

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Why was the Charlie Bit My Finger video uploaded to YouTube?

On the video’s 10th anniversary in 2017, Charlie and Henry’s dad Howard revealed he only uploaded the clip to YouTube so he could share it with friends and family and never expected it to become as successful as it has.

He explained, “It was only meant for family members. In 2007, sharing video files – about 50 megabytes – was hard. It was too big for email, so YouTube stood out as a great vehicle to share videos."

Howard added, “After people had seen it, I didn't see any point in it being on there any longer. But when I went back to delete it, it was then I realised the video had a lot of views - almost doubling every day, so we decided to embrace it."

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