Celebrities campaign for kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls: ‘Bring our girls back’

Celebrities have taken to social networking sites to help raise awareness of the campaign to save over 300 Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped 3 weeks ago.


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Angelina Jolie led the celebrity crusade, revealing in a recent interview that she was ‘sickened’ by the kidnappings ‘and the thought of them out there now, terrified and being abused and sold.’

She continued: ‘It's infuriating and it kind of goes beyond understanding that someone could do this.’

‘I think it speaks of a bigger problem which is that because of the lack of impunity and because people believe they can get away with this people will commit these kind of crimes.’

Angelina Jolie says that the kidnappings 'sicken' her
Angelina Jolie says that the kidnappings 'sicken' her

According to reports, over 100 armed men believed to be members of a jihadist group Boko Haram stormed a girls’ boarding school in Nigeria where they ordered 329 teenagers out of their beds.

They then ‘herded’ them into nearby jeeps before driving them away from the school.

The girls have yet to be found and their families fear that they are being used as sex slaves by the extreme religious group.

Alexa Chung shares her support

Mma Odi, director of a human rights charity in Nigeria, told The Mirror: ‘The men went to the school for no other reason than to make them their sex objects. The men will have reduced them to sex slaves, raping them over and over again. And any girl who tries to resist will be shot by them. They have no conscience.’

‘The conditions will be terrible and it seems like the government has just abandoned them because they are girls and they are poor. If they were the sons of the rich, the government would act.’

First Lady Michelle Obama

‘Their abductors are not human beings and if the girls get out they will no longer be normal. They will have to have years of counselling to recover.’

Celebrities such as Alex Chung, Kourtney Kardashian and Cara Delevingne have shared photos of themselves holding up signs emblazoned with ‘#BringBackOurGirls.’

David Cameron has promised that the UK will help search for the girls and British experts are set to fly to Nigeria as soon as possible.

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