CCTV footage captures horrifying moment couple are swallowed by sinkhole

CCTV cameras have filmed a couple being swallowed up by a 10-foot-deep sinkhole


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The footage begins as a bus alights at a stop, allowing passengers to get off and continue their journeys on foot.

But, whilst one woman rushes across the pavement without incident, the couple just behind her were not so lucky.

Stepping off the bus, the pair took just a few steps across the street before the ground suddenly gave way beneath their feet.

After the couple disappeared into the gaping hole, onlookers could be seen rushing to peer into it - clearly horrified by what they had just witnessed.

Check it out:

Whilst the South Korean sinkhole was thought to be at least 10 foot deep, the couple were eventually rescued.

And, despite the suddenness of their fall, they thankfully escaped with only minor injuries.

The pavement has now been cordoned off as authorities attempt to discover the reason behind the sinkhole.

In February 2014, the UK saw a spate of sinkholes across the country - which authorities claimed was due to the unusually wet weather.

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