Caught on camera: Shock as neighbour throws boiling water over pregnant teen

WARNING: Contains distressing content

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by Fiona Day |
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A video has emerged online which appears to show an elderly neighbour throwing scalding hot water over a young pregnant woman.

The clip shows the woman- who has a sizeable baby bump- shouting at her neighbour, who is standing in her home.

The neighbour then reaches into her house and throws a bucket of water over the pregnant teenager.

Judging by her reaction and shrieks of pain, it becomes clear that the water was boiling hot.

She strips off her t-shirt in an attempt to cool herself down as she runs away, but continues to cry hysterically. You can also see her skin turning red from the scalding attack.

According to The Mirror, the girl- named Cynthia- was taken to hospital.

The neighbour, who was identified as 63-year-old Celma Bustros later said to police: "It is my property, and I felt under threat, so I had to defend myself. I live here on my own and I'm elderly, so I have to make sure I let people know I'm not a pushover."

The clip below (filmed in Argentina) contains content that you may find upsetting

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