Mum ordered out of Sports Direct for breastfeeding son: ‘Why was my baby punished for being hungry?’

A young mother was left in tears after being ordered to leave Sports Direct for breastfeeding her baby.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Wioletta Komar, 25, was waiting for her father on a bench in store, when she began to feed her three-month-old son.

However the mother was then approached by a member of staff, who told her that breastfeeding was not welcome in store as it did not comply with 'company policy.'

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She was then told that the company had no facilities for her to breastfeed and that she should try McDonalds as they had a baby and mother room.

Sports Direct have not responded to the mother's complaints

Mrs Komar said she has contacted the company five times since the incident in January, but has received no response to her complaints.

'My son started crying, so I wanted to feed him. I sat on the bench near the shoe rack,' said Komar.

'I would like the staff to be trained better and I would like them to say why it happened. I would like them to apologise,' she added.

'It's very shocking. Of course it's knocked my confidence.'

'It's very shocking. Of course it's knocked my confidence.'

The mother of two, from Lincolnshire, said she was left upset and embarrassed by the incident, which ruined a shopping trip treat arranged by her husband.

'I can't understand why a baby has to be punished for being hungry and why I need to feel like a criminal when I just want to feed my baby son.'

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