Can you be sterilised without regrets?

Holly Brockwell revealed she'd been sterilised aged just 30 - but can you ever do so without regrets?


by Francine Anker |
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**Holly Brockwell made headlines earlier this month when she revealed she'd been sterilised aged just 30. **

She was sure she'd never want children but contraceptives didn’t agree with her. She first asked to be sterilised when she was 26 but was told by doctors that she was far too young to make that decision.

But after four years she was granted the op earlier this month at St Thomas' hospital and is very happy with her decision.

Closer spoke to mum-of-two Marcia Prescott, 29, who was positive she wanted to be sterilised but regretted it and had the procedure reversed privately at a cost of £3900

She says: "Two weeks ago I went into hospital to have my sterlisation reversed – it was a two hour operation and cost me thousands of pounds – that I had to borrow. But the relief I feel now is immeasurable.

"Which is why I worry about women who choose to be sterilised.

"When I was 26 and mum to two daughters, aged 10 and five, I was convinced that I didn’t want any more children, like Holly the pill didn’t agree with me – it made me moody and nauseus.

"And I got pregnant while I was using the coil, in November 2012, so that clearly wasn’t a contraceptive option for me. Sadly I terminated that pregnancy as I believed my family was complete – but that was traumatic and I didn’t want to have to go through it again.

"When I told doctors that I wanted to be sterilised , I was bombarded by people - telling me I was too young to make such a big decision and with hindsight they were right – after all I still had many child bearing years left. But I was adamant at the time.

"After the operation, in March 2013, I was relieved that I could concentrate on the family I had. At the time my husband was supportive – though we did split up a few months later.

"It was only after a year that my doubts crept in. And 18 months afterwards I started to research my options to get it reversed - I wanted to have the option to have children again."

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