Can our obsession with selfies really help detect skin cancer and save lives?

According to new research, doctors might be able to detect skin cancer thanks to a simple selfie snap.


by Fiona Day |
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Thanks to the growing number of smartphone users, those who live in isolated parts of the world may still be able to receive consultations from dermatologists.

Doctors might even be able to detect cases of skin cancer using some selfies, potentially saving lives.

Dr. Misha Rosenbach told Reuters Health: ‘Across the country and the world there are places that have limited or no dermatology support… There are a lot of issues with having the right doctors in the right place to care for patients.’

Those concerned over skin cancer can send selfies to their doctor!
Those concerned over skin cancer can send selfies to their doctor!

The practice of sending selfies to doctors has been dubbed ‘Teledermatology’ following the study.

Dr Lindy P Fox said to Reuters Health: ‘Teledermatology is a viable way to deliver care to those who do not have direct access to dermatologists as it allows dermatologic care to be delivered in a timely manner to patients who might have long wait times to see a dermatologist or have to travel long distances to see a dermatologist.’

If you are very worried about a changing mole, it is still recommended that you visit your GP in person.

Who would have thought that selfies could save lives?

Though the innovation in diagnosing skin cancer will help doctors reach more patients more quickly, it is still strongly recommended that those with any noticeable skin abnormalities book a one-to-one appointment with their GP.

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