Campaign causes outrage for suggesting non-breastfeeding mothers are ‘turning their back’ on children

A campaign in Mexico encouraging women to breastfeed has backfired, after women rejected the ads for being inappropriate.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

Mexico City health officials released the advert, that reads: 'No le des la espalda, dale pecho' which means: 'Don't turn your back on them, give them your breast' whilst displaying pictures of two very toned, skinny women.

Campaign picture from Twitter

People were unhappy with the campaign for many reasons. One is that it looks very sexual in nature, and another is that the women look impeccably toned for people who have supposedly recently given birth to a child.

Women were also outraged at the insinuation that those who don't breastfeed are somehow 'turning their back' on their children.

Since the backlash, Mexico city have removed the ads from their website and have stated they will try to rework the campaign.

Breastfeeding rates in Mexico are the lowest than in all of Latin America, something which is attributed to issues such as poverty and long working hours, along with the genuine stigma surrounding pumping milk at work.

Across the world breastfeeding continues to be a contentious issue, with one woman in England being ordered out of a Sports Direct store recently for daring to feed her hungry child.

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