Burger King Israel are doing special Valentine’s Day Adult meals with free sex toys

We TOTALLY would!

Burger King Israel adult meal

by Siam Goorwich |
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If your idea of a dream Valentine's Day is a burger followed by a spot of light S&M, we suggest you hop on a plane to Israel quick sharp.

Why? Because Burger King in Israel are selling a special, limited edition Valentine's Day Adult meal, which comes complete with a sex toy.

We know! We totally would too!

The special offer, will be on sale for one day only, and will only be available after 6pm for over 18s (which makes sense really. You don't want to traumatise the kiddies after all!).

Burger King Israel adult meal
Forget the ketchup - this is all the sauce you need! (Credit: Burger King) ©Burger King

Sadly Burger King haven't gone full Christian Grey with their adult toys, and have instead kept on the playful rather than XXX-rated side of things, giving away, frilly masks, massagers and feather ticklers rather than handcuffs, whips and vibrators. Shame.

Still - we think Burger King UK should take a leaf out of their Israeli colleagues' book. Forget a candlelit meal in a spenny French bistro - we'd pick a Whopper and a whip any day!

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