British woman arrested after stripping naked and performing sex act on flight

A woman from south west London was arrested after she performed a 'solo sex act' on a plane back to the UK.


by Maria Vallahis |
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The 46-year-old woman stripped off on a British Airways flight from Kingston, Jamaica, and was arrested upon arrival at Gatwick Airport after reportedly performing a 'solo sex act'.

Authorities cautioned the woman, who reportedly disrupted the plane and indecently exposed herself, for being drunk.

The airline refused to comment any further on the incident, but confirmed that police were called to meet the flight.

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A spokesperson said: “We can confirm that police were requested to meet our flight from Kingston.”

A survey released last year showed that holiday-makers enjoyed a drink before setting off on their travels.


One in seven Brits admitted being drunk on a plane heading towards their holiday destination.

Half of these travellers admit ‘knocking back’ alcoholic beverages at the airport before their flights.

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The remainder confessed they start drinking while on the plane.

According to the survey, these pre-flight drinks help travellers ‘calm their nerves’ and/or get them in the ‘holiday spirit’.

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