Apparently, Brits are happiest when they’re in the pub – and here’s why…


by Emma Dodds |
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A study has found that British people have revealed that they're at their happiest when they're in the pub.

The survey, conducted by Tribute Cornish pale ale, found that of 2,000 British adults, over a quarter of them revealed that they're happiest when in the pub with their mates.

To celebrate Cask Ale Week, which runs until 1 October, the survey also found that it's the most likely place that friends will choose to catch up, over cafés and restaurants.

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The average Brit will apparently visit the pub twice a month, and three in 10 revealed that they go to the pub when feeling stressed or annoyed.

One in five people are also on first-name terms with their local pub landlord, whilst four in 10 people will make a special trip to pubs that serve their favourite beer.

Unsurprisingly, lager was voted the most popular drink in the country, with cask ale coming in as a close second.

The top 10 reasons British people go to the pub

  1. Catching up with friends

  2. The atmosphere

  3. The opportunity to have a few drinks

  4. Laughing with friends

  5. The food

  6. Somewhere I can drink real ale

  7. It's close to home

  8. Having a romantic night with partner

  9. Playing pool

  10. Playing fruit/quiz machines

So there you have it!

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