British grandmother on death row: ‘I might die any time now’

A British grandmother on death row in Indonesia has written an emotional open letter, fearing she will be put to death at any point


by Fiona Day |
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When Lindsay Sandiford was arrested, tried and found guilty of smuggling £1.6 million of cocaine into Indonesia, she was sentenced to death by firing squad.

Following lengthy appeals, the Indonesian government have failed to grant the 58-year-old clemency.

As a result, Ms Sandiford is now running out of time.

Writing from her jail cell on ‘execution island’ Nusa Kambanga, she explained that she feared she would be next to be executed following the deaths of two Australians.

Ms Sandiford told the Mail Online: “My execution is imminent and I know I might die at any time now. I could be taken tomorrow from my cell in Bali to Nusa Kambangan – the place they call Execution Island – and given 72 hours’ notice before I am put in front of a firing squad.”

She also explained how the deaths of Australians Myuran Sukamaran and Andrew Chan had lead her to think about how she will handle her own execution.

"The executions have forced me to think about how I am going to handle the situation when my own time comes. I won't wear a blindfold. It's not because I'm brave but because I don't want to hide - I want them to look at me when they shoot me.

"I'll sing too, but not Amazing Grace. I'll sing Magic Moments by Perry Como. I had a boyfriend who used to change the lyrics of songs and play them on his Hammond organ to make me laugh. That was one of the songs he sang and it reminds me of those long-ago days."

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed last week

Ms Sandiford longs to meet her grandaughter- who was born after she was imprisoned, but “at the same time I feel it would be better if she doesn't know me".

She plead guilty to drug smuggling offences in 2012, but claims she was forced to commit the crime after her son’s life was threatened.

Ms Sandiford is the last remaining smuggler on 'execution island', and the Indonesian reportedly wants to complete exections before the end of the year.

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