Bride almost drowns when ‘Trash the Dress’ stunt goes horribly wrong

A bride almost drowned after jumping into the sea during a ‘Trash the Dress’ stunt


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

In a video posted on Live Leak today, a terrified bride can be seen struggling to stay afloat after jumping into the sea during a ‘Trash the Dress’ stunt.

The un-named woman stands on the edge of a pier and is egged on by friends to join her new husband in the sea. As she nervously moves towards the edge, a friend asks her if she would like to jump in too, and she agrees.

Shockingly, as the bride leaps into the water she becomes engulfed in the material and starts to sink. Her horrified friend leaps into the water to help as her husband struggles to pull his new wife to the surface.

In the background, another guest can be heard desperately shouting: “She’s like a ball in there. Find her. Grab the dress, grab the dress! Pull the dress up!”

After almost 30 seconds, the bride comes back to the surface and is pulled to safety.

In 2013 a woman died after a similar stunt in Montreal.

‘Trash the Dress’ stunts have become a tradition for some brides in America but this video is a stark warning to those thinking about getting in the water.

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