Random act of kindness: Student praises breastfeeding mum for ‘easing stigma’ for future generations

Sending a notes of thanks, this student went out of her way to voice her praises


by Hayley Kadrou |
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If there’s one thing we love to hear about, it’s an uplifting story about a random gesture of kindness.

That’s why we love this story about one student that reached out to share her praises towards a young mother.

While the unknowing mother was breastfeeding her baby at a fast food chain, she was no doubt attracting the attention of some of her fellow diners around her, but little did she know that she caught the attention of some onlookers for all the right reasons.

As she sat to finish her meal one young woman ran past a dropped a note on her table.

And it’s safe to say the mother was more than moved byt the tear-jerking note and token of appreciation she was given.

Sharing the news on Facebook page Peaceful Parenting, mum Katy explained:

"My friends and I were at Chipotle today and it was packed with students from a nearby college. One girl ran over, dropped this on the table, smiled and walked out the door," the mom wrote in the caption of a photo of a $15 gift card.

"So amazing to see what we are doing is having an impact on future generations!"

And of course the message on the group had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from its members.

Other parents were quick to comment on the post.

One praised:

“It's amazing that the girl didn't need to have kids to understand that there is a stigma occurring… he recognized how helpful public nursing is for normalization AND saw a nursing woman as an example for her future self. This is a HUGE deal. So many people (myself at times) are so caught up in their world that they cannot see literally and figuratively the struggles of others. OR they have to have the experience themselves to feel that empathy. Her words alone are precious gifts.

Another simply said:

"Totally crying, love this!!”

Another noted:

“This is actually making me tear up. Beautiful.”

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