BREAKING NEWS: Military jets escort plane to ground at Manchester Airport following bomb threat

Military jets have escorted a passenger plane to the ground this afternoon, after reports of a possible device on board.

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One twitter user has reported that the plane brought to the ground was Qatar Airways flight QR23, flying from the capital of country, Doha, to Manchester.

After passengers were kept on board and the plane taxied to a safe place away from the terminal, it has been reported that a man has been taken off the aircraft by armed police.

A passenger is removed by armed police from the plane

The airport was placed on lock-down, with workers reporting they were told there could be a full evacuation, but services are now resuming as normal.

Picture from Jerry Liet

According to reports, the pilot reported a possible device on board the aircraft, leading to fighter jets being scrambled to escort the plane to the ground.

Passenger Josh Hartley has been tweeting from inside the plane, giving updates to the outside world of what is happening his end.

In nearby Stockport, Twitter user Jodie Deegan said she was out shopping when she heard a 'noise like thunder' and then saw the passenger plane, escorted by the fighter jet, fly overhead.

Josh tweeted this image of the fighter jets escorting his plane

According to Twitter users in contact with relatives on board, passengers are now being allowed to disembark the aircraft.

Josh tweets from inside the plane

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

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