Boy suffered worst case of chickenpox EVER

Sometimes a mothers instinct is all you need!

chicken pox Jaspar Allen This Morning

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Mum Sarah Allen is calling for a chicken pox vacination for every child after her son, two-year-old Jasper, contracted one of the worst cases doctors had ever seen.

chicken pox Jaspar Allen This Morning

The vacination is only given to certain children on medical grounds.

The NHS Choices website states that it is thought that if a childhood chickenpox vaccination programme was introduced, it would leave unvaccinated children susceptible to contracting the illness as adults.

Adults are more likely to develop a severe infection or secondary problems. It can also be harmful if caught during pregnancy.

Sarah was refused an appointment at her local GP surgery because they said it was 'just chicken pox', so they had to rush Jasper to hospital as the sores which covered every inch of his body became severely infected.

Nursery manager Mrs Allen said pictures of her son's condition surprised everyone who saw them.

"People say their child had bad chickenpox, but when we show people pictures of Jasper none of them can believe just how bad it was," she said.

"Everyone's reactions in the hospital were just complete shock over how severe it was - the doctors all wanted to come and see this worst ever case of chickenpox."

Sarah first noticed a few spots on Jasper after he had recovered from scarlett fever the week before but by the next morning they had turned into 'hundreds'.

chicken pox Jaspar Allen This Morning

He spent five days in hospital on an IV drip and antiviral medication, antibiotics and morphine.

More than 2,500 people have signed Mrs Allen's petition to make the chickenpox vaccination part of the NHS's routine childhood immunisation schedule.

You can watch Sarah's interview on This Morning here:

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