Boy is reunited with missing cat – and his reaction is adorable

These two little boys were devastated when their beloved family cat went missing.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Despite only being gone for a number of days, the ordeal was still traumatic and terrifying for the two kids, who usually dote on their feline.

One of the boys immediately bursts into tears upon seeing the cat

Luckily for them, their mum discovered the cat hiding out at a Shell gas station, miles from their home, and brought her back to them.

Asking the boys to uncover their eyes, the pair are clearly overwhelmed with happiness when they see their kitten returned to them.

The other boy also can't hide his emotion

‘I knew it, I knew it’ shouts one of the boys, as they both burst into tears.

‘What do you think Shane?’ asks his mother. ’I’m so happy, I’m so happy’ he says through his sobs.

Watch the video here.

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