Boy asks girl out – only to be shut down in spectacular style

If only dating as an adult could be this simple.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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A little boy has cut through the rubbish that can accompany asking someone out, by penning a hilarious note to his crush.

Cutting straight to the chase, the little boy wrote a note to his desired little lady, asking her to be his girlfriend.

The note


‘Dear Ashley,’ the note reads. ‘Would you please be my girlfriend I like you a lot.’

Who could refuse such a romantic offer? Well, Ashley could.


After circling ‘No’ from the handy list of options provided, little Ashley shuts her suitor down with a straightforward explanation.

‘I’m sorry I alredy have a boyfriend Kyle but when we break up your my next choice,’ she writes.

Hilariously, the popular youngster then adds that she doesn’t expect her current relationship with Kyle to last long, writing:

‘P.S. that will probably be a month or two.’

We laugh, but if dating as an adult were this simple - things would be a lot more straightforward!

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