Boy dumps girlfriend on Instagram with a hashtag- ouch!

A teenage boy has succeeded in performing the harshest break up ever by dumping is girlfriend over Instagram using a hashtag.


by Fiona Day |
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The best way to break up with someone is face-to-face. Let’s face it. After that, a long drawn out telephone conversation might be acceptable.

A text message is often considered a brutal way of dumping someone but it is a widely used method of killing a relationship these days.

Some people have been dumped over email, but again, a harsh way to do it.

So we thought, until we found out about the poor girl who had been dumped over Instagram using a hashtag!


A high school student in Georgia posted two pictures on his Instagram account, one with his girlfriend and another where his girlfriend had been cut out of the photo.

He then captioned the snap with a brutal ‘#TransformationTuesdays’ hashtag.

The hashtag is often used by Instagram users who post a snap depicting a massive weight loss, so we can already guess that @cjkarl11 (as he’s known on the picture sharing site) wasn’t exactly making a romantic gesture…

The teenagers girlfriend then commented underneath: “Is this your way of breaking up with me.”


Kids these days…

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