Boy disqualified from GCSEs after taking selfie during exam

A teenager has been disqualified from sitting his GCSEs after taking a selfie during an exam.


by Fiona Day |
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The teenager was reportedly sitting one of their GCSEs exams when they took the incriminating snap.

The name of the pupil and the location of the school are unknown, though the photo has been re-tweeted hundreds of times.

The photo was shared with the caption: ‘Just failed all my gcses and disqualified from taking public exams for the next 5 years but it's worth the RTs (sic).’

Thousands of students are currently studying for their GCSEs and A-Level exams.

Thousands of students are currently sitting their GCSEs
Thousands of students are currently sitting their GCSEs

Most exams do not allow mobile phones inside the hall and students caught with mobile devices face being thrown out of the exam and automatically failing the paper.

Examainers banned mobile phones from being taken into exam halls to prevent students from cheating and to stop candidates being distracted by annoying ringtones.

Students are definitely NOT allowed to take selfies during the important assessments.

The student who shared the twitter snap claims he has ‘fooled’ everyone and that the selfie is fake, but several of his followers have claimed to be pictured in the hall, with one saying he’s sat in the front row.

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