Young boy who disappeared at Madeleine McCann resort is reunited with his family


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A seven-year-old boy has been found after going missing at Praia da Luz in Portugal - the resort that Madeleine McCann disappeared from 10 years ago

The boy, who is not being named at this time, disappeared yesterday at around 11.40am yesterday whilst walking with his parents in the resort that Maddie vanished in a decade ago.

His parents lost sight of him when he walked ahead of them, spending almost an hour searching for him before calling the police at 12.30pm.

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There was a major police response and all ports were alerted to keep a lookout with police putting up road blocks and making door-to-door enquiries.

A specialist team from the country's capital of Lisbon was drafted in, but called off at 1pm after the little boy was taken to a police station in Lagos near Praia da Luz.

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Police spokesman Sandra Panazete works for Portugal's PSP force. He said: "Around 1pm, a 65-year-old British man appeared at the PSP station in Lagos with a seven year-old British boy who he found in Praia da Luz.

"Apparently the boy approached him asking for help as the man was speaking in English. The boy was okay. He didn't look injured, just fine and relaxed.

"At 1.30pm father and four GNR police officers went to the police station to pick him up."

The apartment Maddie disappeared from in 2007 (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

However, authorities have now confirmed that the police would be reporting the situation to prosecutors to decide whether or not the parents should face charges for child abandonment.

An insider close to the case told Metro: "It is highly unlikely this will go any further but the GNR is obliged to act in this way."

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