Bouncer sparks online fury: ‘She punched me like a man so I knocked her out like one’

'If a woman is man enough to hit a man like a man.. she is man enough to get hit by a man like a man'.. A bouncer has initiated a furious online debate, defending the moment he knocked a woman unconscious after she attacked him.


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Posting the above image on Imgur, Mr Rhodes has argued that a woman who 'fights like a man, deserves to be treated like one'.

Writing about his experience on the social forum, Rhodes said:

"So... I'm a bouncer at a local bar.

She started to swing again... I knocked her out....* *

*I've been working the door at different places for just over 10 years now. *

I confidently say I'm good at it. Not because I'm big and tough and can fight but because I can 9/10 times talk guys down out of a fight using reason and logic.

Two nights ago I was working the door by myself when a large scuffle went down between two guys and two guys with their girlfriends.

Bouncer Kyle shared a picture of himself

*I broke up the fight and literally carried out 4 guys one at a time and set them by their own cars and told them to gtfo. I came back in and the two ladies, late 20's early 30's, refused to leave the building. *

*Now if anyone knows anything about bars you know that guys get dragged out of them all the time. If you f**k up you get tossed it's how the world goes round but, and I'm sorry to say, MANY women feel they are above this treatment simply because they are a woman. *

*I disagree. I politely asked them to leave for over 15 minutes before I instructed them them that they had 5 minutes to leave the bar out they would be dragged out. I guess they didn't believe me and actually just talked about the time, counting down the seconds. *

*At exactly 5 mins I started to walk over and as I did one of them stormed up to me and slapped me in the face. I don't know what she thought was going to happen but I grabbed her and dragged her outside and "set" her down in the parking lot. *

*As I did I turned around just in time to see her friend swinging a half full beer bottle at my head. I (luckily) blocked it with my clothed arm and it shattered into my face and eyes. *

*As I stumbled around this lady full on punched me in the face. Enough was enough. I stood back up and tried to warn her not to do it again but as I did she started to swing again... I knocked her out.... *

I don't care what your opinion is, if you try to inflict harm on me I'm going to harm you back. All of them complained and threatened to sue. We called the cops and had her arrested. Equal rights mean equal treatment. In all areas of life."

Reacting to his story, Nick Wilfahrt responded:

'There's a difference between equal and fair treatment.'

However others agreed with the bouncer, with one reader writing:

"Nah, she throws the first punch (with a beer bottle, no less!), she deserves what she gets. And, yes, I'm a woman."

Do you agree with the bouncer? Or do you think he was wrong to 'fight her like a woman'?

Do you think the bouncer is right and a woman who 'fights like a man, should be treated like one'?

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