Inspirational Kanya: “I was born without legs but lingerie modelling makes me feel sexy!”

Stunning Kanya Sesser may have been born with no legs, but she’s refused to let that hold her back.

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Instead of relying on a wheelchair, the inspirational 22-year old uses a skateboard to get around and amazingly enjoys playing basketball, surfing and skiing in her spare time - even competing in the Paralympics.

Now she’s also become a lingerie model, earning up to £750 a day.

Single Kanya, from Los Angeles, says: “People are often surprised when I tell them I’m a model, but that doesn’t bother me. I was born this way and I’ve never let it hold me back."


When I was little I learnt to walk on my hands, and I’m fiercely independent.

I’m always on the go - I love being active, and have been modelling for seven years after being spotted by a talent scout.

Kanya was born without legs

“I get lots of compliments about my looks, and feel confident in my own skin - I love my boobs and my bum.

"I keep fit and eat healthily, and modeling lingerie and bikinis makes me feel sexy.

"I get lots of attention from guys and while I’m single, I always have a good sex life.

"I want to show other people that disability doesn’t have to hold you back. I’m physically capable of having a baby, but I’m not looking to start a family or get married. I’m too busy and I just want to live life to the full.”

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