Did a bomb fall on your house during WW2? Click to find out

Have you ever wondered if you might be living near a WW2 bomb site?

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Well, thanks to data compiled by bombsight.org, you can now find out whether you would have been standing in a smoking crater when the Germans bombed London extensively 70 years ago.

A stretch of the river in Putney, South West London

More than 30,000 bombs fell on London during the Blitz, with some of them remaining unexploded and hidden in the ground.

Just last week, in fact,1,200 residents had to be evactuared from Bermondsey after a Nazi bomb was discovered in the area.

The fascinating map, which you can find on the website here, allows Londoners to see where bombs fell during the second world war, accurate to the very street.

As you can see from the map, the bombing in central and Greater London was extensive, petering out as you get as far out as the M25.

We’ve just found out that our block of flats would have been reduced to rubble if it had been there 70 years ago - but how did your home fare?

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