Bodybuilding mum: “Men think my muscles are sexy – strangers ask to marry me!”

Bigorexic Rene Campbell says she gets more attention from men as a bodybuilder than she did when she was a petite size eight


by Francine Anker |
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Rene Campbell is 14st of pure muscle and she’s not afraid to show it off. The mum-of-two is already the UK’s largest female body builder but incredibly she wants to be even bigger.

And her obsession - medically referred to as bigorexia, when a person is fixated on the idea they're not muscular enough - has made her an unlikely sex symbol with thousands of

men viewing her pictures online everyday.


Rene, 37, has had more than 10 marriage proposals from strangers and last Valentine's Day received several bouquets of flowers from secret admirers.

But Rene, who spends up to four hours a day working out and eats eight times through the day and at night, says she doesn’t have time for a man.

Posing in a naked photoshoot for Closer, Rene says: “Men tell me I’m sexy and I’ve had marriage proposals from guys all over the world. I do date but I don’t have time for relationships, my training comes first.

"I love being muscular it makes me feel strong. It's not to please anyone. I want to be a stone heavier and, if men lke me bigger too, it's a bonus!"

Check out Rene working out in the gym:

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