Blogger claims she bakes bread with vaginal THRUSH

A blogger has shared a recipe for sour dough bread that contains vaginal thrush


by Fiona Day |
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Thrush is a relatively common and very easily treatable condition that millions of women suffer from every year.

But did you know that along with irritation symptoms you can also apaprently make bread from yeast created by vaginal thrush? No we're not kidding...

Online blog Another Angry Woman has shared a recipe for sour dough bread that contains vaginal yeast extracted from the writer’s own nether regions.

They explain: It all started with a fatal combination of a slightly perverse sense of humour, a keenly scientific mind, and touch of the thrush. Waking up on Saturday with the familiar itchy burny fanny, I giggled to myself “maybe I could make bread with that”.

“And that ticked into, “well, I’ve always wanted to try making my own sourdough anyway” and then a “f**k, would that even work?” and then I got curious and the next thing that happened was I was scraping white goop off of a dildo into a bowl of flour mixed with water.”

(Another Angry Woman)

Unsurprisingly, the blog post courted controversy on Twitter with followers expressing their horror at the recipe.

One follower even tweeted: “Go lob yourself into the Atlantic” whilst another write simply: “Thank you for ruining bread for me.”

The writer claims that they didn’t make the bread for ‘feminist’ reasons

They maintained: “The more moderate people who want to maintain their sense of outrage at this go for what I call the hygiene excuse: they declare it’s disgusting because it’s unsanitary. And here’s the thing: that’s not necessarily true. It’s almost certainly no more gross than regular sourdough starter.”

Read the full blog post HERE.

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