Benefits mum Cheryl Prudham exclusive: ‘I’ll have baby number 13 with a sperm donor’

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by Helen Morgan |
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Notorious mum-of-twelve Cheryl Prudham tells Closer she'll get pregnant again to boost her benefits...

She's been blasted as a 'benefits baby machine' - now shameless Cheryl Prudham says she's searching for a sperm donor to conceive her 13th baby because she finds men "hard work."

Broody Cheryl, 32, who reportedly rakes in £40,800 in benefits a year, has signed up to a donor website to find a man to father her next child.

Last February, Cheryl told Closer she'd kicked out cheating husband of six years Robert, 31, after he admitted a seedy threesome involving his cousin- just weeks after Cheryl gave birth to their youngest.

Incredibly, Cheryl- who hasn't spoken to Robert in months- is still keen to add to her huge family.

She says: "I don't want another bloke because they're too much hard work. I was hurt by Robert and find it difficult to trust again. Besides, how would I find a guy to take on all my children?

"But I'm feeling broody again as my youngest is nearly a year old and I miss having a newborn in my arms. I'd love a boy next."

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