Beauty queen launches awareness campaign after revealing she was conceived through rape

An American beauty queen has launched a campaign to help women protect themselves from sexual assault after revealing she was conceived when her mother was raped.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

24-year-old Valerie Gatto’s mother was raped at knifepoint, and 9 months later the beauty queen was born.

Valerie’s mother initially had plans to put her newborn baby up for adoption, but was convinced by family that she should keep Valerie and raise her alone.

Valerie went on to attend university and graduate with honours. During her time at university she became involved with several charitable causes, and as Miss Pennsylvania started campaigning for women, describing herself ‘as an advocate, she hopes to create a stronger society of women.’


Valerie hopes to ‘inspire people of all ages and to teach others how to defy the odds and achieve their dreams.’

The beauty queen, who is now competing for the Miss USA crown, shared a message of thanks to those who have supported her in telling her story.

‘I have always been vocal about my story and an advocate for sexual assault. Now, to see everything unfold to the world, it is fulfilling and life changing.’

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