Battle of the Beauties in the Apprentice Final

Well there’s one thing we know for sure about Lord Sugar’s new business partner – it will definitely be a gorgeous woman, but whether or not she’s any sweeter than the gruff businessman will remain to be seen!


by Mel Fallowfield |
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First up is 25 year old Luisa Zissman. She’s hoping to launch a baking company with Lord Sugar. Brilliantly the um far from modest Luisa claims she had ‘the energy of the duracell bunny, the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein’.

She’s been accused of backstabbing and setting up a fellow contestant for failure – when she claimed she didn’t know about cooking savoury food (this is a woman who owns a cupcake business so hopefully knows about food) for a ‘design a ready meal challenge’ and let Frankie who had literally no culinary skills off like a lamb to slaughter to be chef for the day!

Finalists Luisa Zissman (left) and Leah Totton (middle) on the Apprentice
Finalists Luisa Zissman (left) and Leah Totton (middle) on the Apprentice

But in the end she won over Karen Brady with her sharp business acumen and ended up in the final.

Next up is the ridiculously beautiful Leah Totton, 24, who’s a qualified doctor so fingers crossed she does have brains as well as the looks, though she’s already admitted she doesn’t have much business experience.

She’s hoping to set up a chain of non surgical cosmetic clinics and she definitely knows about the world of beauty – having modeled and been a WAG, dating Celtic footballer Fraser Forster for four years.

Lord Sugar on the Apprentice

She says: “I’m very hard working and feel I can bring youth, vibrancy, enthusiasm and a touch of class to any business I’m part of.”

While Luisa seems a little firy at times, Leah has the ice cool blonde credentials and always stays calm and is somehow very believable, even managing to convince Lord Sugar that her idea wouldn’t be morally questionable or exploitative.

As the final draws near (Wednesday) it remains to be seen which woman will win but apparently there are tears in the last episode and my money’s on them being Luisa’s.

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