‘I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic’: Bar in America causes outrage for featuring abuse ‘joke’

A bar in America has caused outrage after writing a 'joke' about domestic violence on a blackboard inside the premises.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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On a blackboard behind the bar is the message: 'I like my beer like I like my violence: Domestic.'

Customer Courtney Williams saw the sign and posted a picture of it online, which prompted a huge backlash from other internet users.

Scruffy Duffies issued a statement to their Facebook page

Williams claims she complained to several managers at the bar but was told she needed to stop being over emotional and calm down.

Having a change of heart after receiving the backlash, Scruffy Duffies bar in Texas released this statement:

'It has come to our attention that one of our female employees wrote something offensive without owner's approval. Domestic violence is something our family unfortunately has overcome in the pas, therefore this subject is one we don't take lightly. We are currently investigating the situation and proper actions will be taken immediately. We thank you for your patience and again want to ensure this is not our stance.'

Commenters on the bar's Facebook page slammed the owners for refusing to apologise for the incident, despite issuing a statement about it.

One user, Carrie, wrote: 'Thanks for taking it seriously. Please, help this become a positive conversation about ending domestic violence. Too many people have died or been horribly damaged at the hands of abusers for society to give domestic violence a wink.'

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