Baddie Winkle: Twitter grandma who vows to ‘steal your man’ goes viral with semi-nude pictures

Twitter grandmother 'Baddie Winkle' goes viral with semi-nude photos as she vows she's out "to steal your man"


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

Twitter user Baddie Winkle, 86, ("stealing your man since 1928") is DEFINITELY getting a lot of attention on Twitter and Instagram at the moment.

But why? How has she managed to commane social media's undivided attention?

Well, firstly because she gives Miley Cyrus a run for her money in the twerking stakes:

Secondly because she gives absolutely zero f**ks (her words, not ours):

Thirdly because she's pretty open about all of her wants and desires...

She has some pretty interesting thoughts on love:

She's introduced a whole new dancing craze to our lives:


In short, she's extremely entertaining and utterly delightful - basically the Rihanna of the 60 - 100 age bracket.

Be sure to follow all of Baddie Winkle's antices on Twitter now. If you can handle it.

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