Ashamed mum: “I smoked £200 of heroin a day while pregnant.”

In the wake of Peaches Geldof's tragic death from a heroin overdose, Kay Shaw- who lost her baby daughter due to her addiction- warns of the dangers of the drug.

Kay and Kenzie

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Mum-of-four Kay Shaw spent a decade hooked on drugs and, at the height of her addiction, smoked £200 worth of heroin a day.

Shockingly, Kay couldn't quit during her third pregnancy and her child was put into care within weeks of being born.

Kay, 32, has since managed to get clean and went on to have son Kenzie, now two,but the former addict is racked with guilt and wants to warn others of the dangers of heroin.

Speaking as an inquest revealed mum-of-two Peaches Geldof had struggled with drug addiction before dying from a heroin overdose in April, Kay- who has two older sons currently living with family friends- says: "I was shocked when I heard about Peaches' death.

"It could have so easily been me. My world revolved around drugs and I knew a lot of people who overdosed. I was one of the lucky ones. I feel sorry for Peaches' sons growing up without a mum. People are quick to judge addicts, but it's an illness and it's not easy to get clean.

"I'm so ashamed I took heroin during my pregnancy. It was heartbreaking when my baby was taken away and I'd do anything to have her back. I've been clean for five years and love being a mum to Kenzie. I've been given a second chance, something Peaches will never have."

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