Apprentice candidate reveals horrifying homophobic attack

Sanjay Sood-Smith has revealed the homophobic abuse and bullying he suffered in the past.


by Jack White |
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The Apprentice star told how a friend at university reacted really badly when he found out Sanjay’s sexuality.

He told “I remember one guy at my university not taking kindly to it when he found out I was gay and he head-butted me in the face.

“He walked off and I remember sitting there in disbelief. When I told the bouncer in the bar we were in what had happened, he simply responded, ‘Well what am I supposed to do about it.”

Sanjay revealed he was bullied in school because of his sexuality
Sanjay revealed he was bullied in school because of his sexuality

Sanjay, who was given the boot from Lord Sugar’s BBC One reality show this week, also opened up about his difficult time at school.

He said: “As an eight-year-old, having the nickname ‘Sad-gay Sod-Smith’ chanted at you all day, every day, really was very distressing.

“I think the thing to take note is that anyone who is perceived by others as being different can potentially become a target and I think we just need to work towards getting rid of the concept of ‘being different’ entirely and just see people as what we are, individuals.”

Sanjay also hit out at Katie Hopkin’s suggestion that Lord Sugar had only kept him and Bianca Miller in the competition for so long because of his sexual orientation and her race.

He said: “The implication that the decision not to fire me and Bianca due to diversity criteria really shocked me and I find it really disappointing that someone in a position of influence such as her perpetuates these out of date attitudes.”

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