On the anniversary of Lee Rigby’s death, woman who tried to save him speaks: ‘As a mother, as a human being, I was just doing my job’

On May 22 2013, soldier Lee Rigby was attacked in the street by two men on the lookout for a British serviceman to kill.


by Ellie Hooper |
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The 25-year-old had been walking in the area near his barracks when he was mown down by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in their car, before being attacked with a machete.

His death shocked the nation, and now one of the women who tried to help him as he lay dying in the street has spoken out about the ordeal.

Lee's killers were sentenced this year

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett was dubbed the Angel of Woolwich for her part in the incident, which claimed the young serviceman's life.

'I saw he wasn't lying in the recovery position, so I got off the bus to help' says Ingrid. 'When I realised it was a murder, I saw a frustrated guy, pacing the pavement with a revolver and a knife in his hand, and I thought, "If I don't talk to him, he's going to do something drastic."'

Loyau-Kennett stayed on the scene for 12 minutes, talking to both killers in turn and trying to get them to hand over their weapons.

Ingrid's was hailed a hero after this image came out of her confronting the killers

'It is only you versus many people. You are going to lose,' she said.

Ingrid, along with Amanda and Gemini Donnelly, managed to placate the killers and stop them from harming anyone else - and the trio were later hailed as heroes for their actions that day.

Footage of Ingrid confronting machete wielding Michael in the street made headlines in hours, with her son having to break the news that she was on TV.

'There were women with children nearby and I was worried. I thought: "If he snaps, if he decides he needs another target, he might hurt them." So I thought by keeping his attention on me, he wouldn't see who was around him.'

Ingrid adds that she would do it all again if she had to: 'Definitely. As a mother, as a human being, I was just doing my job.'

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