Angry motorists pay parking fines in pennies

We all know how annoying it is to receive a parking fine, but one angry motorist got his revenge in a very funny way.


by Jack White |
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Kenneth Lambourne, 64, received his fine despite the fact he did purchase a pay-and-display ticket.

He displayed his ticket in his car when it was parked in Chippenham, Wiltshire but found a penalty notice of £25 when he returned.

The pay-and-display ticket had fallen off of the dashboard and, although he tried to tell council officials this, he was still forced to pay the fine.

Obviously angry, Mr. Lambourne did pay the fine, but all in pennies. That’s 2,500 pennies!

Speaking of the incident, he said: “I did it to make a point, I don’t like being made an idiot of.”

Last year, an annoyed Australian driver did the same thing. He received a fine for $60 (£35) and paid it in 1,200 five cents coins.

He took the sacks of change, poured them on the counter and asked, ‘cash alright?’

His payment was refused as under Australian law payments with five cents coins do not have to be accepted if the amount is more than $5.

The payment might have been unaccepted, but the man wasn’t bothered. He told the stunned staff: “I paid. I’m out. Bye. I gave you the money.”

He was told that his fine is still ‘outstanding’ and that his money is waiting for him to collect it.

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