Mum who had a stillbirth after escaping Grenfell Tower blames council bosses for her unborn son’s death


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Andreia Gomes and her husband Marcio escaped Grenfell Tower with their two daughters, but seven-months-pregnant Andreia tragically had a stillbirth in hospital

The story of Marcio Gomes saving his entire family from their home on the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower was a story that brought hope to many people.

But his wife Andreia, who was seven-months-pregnant at the time, had to be put into an induced coma to save both her life and that of her unborn son, who the couple had named Logan.

WATCH: Andreia Gomes who had a stillbirth after escaping Grenfell Tower blames council bosses for her unborn son's death

Tragically, Andreia suffered a devastating stillbirth as a result of her traumatic ordeal in the tower.

Now, she is blaming council bosses for the death of her unborn son and for "not caring".

In an interview with BBC Newsnight, Andreia and Marcio described their terrible loss.

Andreia was seven-months-pregnant when the family got caught in the inferno (Credit: BBC Newsnight) ©BBC Newsnight

According to hospital reports, the family shockingly suffered cyanide poisoning - a toxic gas that is used to exterminate pests such as rats.

Andreia told the BBC: "They believed that the poisons went in and obviously everything goes to the baby.

"When you go ahead ignoring something like that I feel that you don't care. You just killed so many people and you just killed my son."

Andreia went on to explain that if she had gone into labour at seven-months in any other situation, her son would probably have lived.

Their daughters, Luana and Megan, were very excited to meet their baby brother (Credit: Facebook/ Andreia Perestrelo) ©Facebook/ Andreia Perestrelo

She said: "Because in a normal situation I could have gone out and her could have survived. But because of the conditions, he passed away.

"They said that they believed as the poison went in and settled in my body everything goes to the baby. After seven months, the lungs of the baby start to develop. The amount that he received was enough to stop his heart.

"I knew something was wrong as soon as they told me that they need to protect the mother as a priority. I broke down because I knew what they were saying without saying it. And later on they said that the baby had passed away.

"They can't say 100 per cent but they said the heart just couldn't cope with the lack of oxygen the baby couldn't get."

The fire has claimed the lives of 80 people (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Marcio explained how he had explained to his daughters, 12 and 10, that their unborn brother had not survived.

He said: "We didnt use soft words. We didn't say her baby brother was sleeping with the angels. We used the real words and told her that Logan died and the reasons why Logan died.

"We were making plans - he can sleep with me. I'm gonna play with this and he can play with that.

"I'm very angry with them because it could have all been avoided. Yes, it was an accident but it could have been avoided. It should never have happened like this."

The Gomes family lived on the 21st floor (Credit: Facebook/ Andreia Perestrelo) ©Facebook/ Andreia Perestrelo

Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time. ❤️

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