Mum who donated her 7-year-old daughter’s heart meets the little girl whose life it saved


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"Two beautiful girls, one beating heart"

When Amber Travaglio's seven-year-old daughter Melody tragically died suddenly and unexpectedly, she was forced to make a decision that no parent should have to.

Giving her daughter's organs away for donation was an unimaginably difficult thing to even consider under the terrible circumstances, but Amber's brave actions allowed another little girl to survive.

Over 700 miles away, four-year-old Peyton Richardson was dying in a hospital of a common cold, given only a 3% chance of survival.

Amber with her daughter Melody (Credit: Facebook/ Amber Travaglio) ©Facebook/ Amber Travaglio

Ashlyn Richardson, Peyton's mum, said to Fox8 News: "I never knew that a common cold could do this to anybody.

"I cried a lot. I just kept thinking about that person who lost their child."

Miraculously, Melody's heart was a perfect match for Peyton, and it made its way across the US to save her life.

So many things could have gone wrong with the operation; the heart might not have made it to Peyton in time to still be used, Peyton's body could have rejected the heart - and that's not even including all the problems post-surgery that could have occurred.

Thankfully, Peyton is thriving more and more each day thanks to Amber's sacrifice.

Little Peyton welcomed Amber with open arms (Credit: Facebook/ FOX 8 News) ©FOX 8 News

And 20 months on from the surgery, Amber came face-to-face with a small part of her daughter once again - when she travelled the 700 miles from Ohio to Atlanta to meet Peyton and her family.

She was able to hear her daughter's heartbeat once more after losing her so tragically.

Amber and Ashlyn, Peyton's mum, had an emotional meeting (Credit: Facebook/ FOX 8 News) ©FOX 8 News

When she arrived at the Richardson's family home, Ashlyn immediately pulled her in for an emotional hug and the two mothers cried as they embraced each other.

Amber also had a touching moment with Peyton as they met for the first time. She said: "I grew that heart inside of me."

Amber couldn't hold back the tears when meeting Peyton (Credit: Facebook/ FOX 8 News) ©FOX 8 News

She spoke to Fox8 News: "I had no idea that tomorrow wasn't going to come for her."

Fighting back tears, she went on: "It was in the middle of the night, she wasn't breathing."

A registered nurse, Amber started to do CPR on her daughter: "I got the pulse back, but as I did CPR I couldn't get air into her lungs."

Melody was suffering from a very severe asthma attack called a sudden fatal asphyxic asthma attack.

Amber said: "I just remember flailing onto her hospital bed with her, and holding her and just screaming her name.

"Melody was irreplaceably special, and that heart just had more to give this world."

Melody passed away on Peyton's 4th birthday - it was meant to be.

Amber's story has touched thousands of people (Credit: Facebook/ Fox 8 News)

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