Amazing eight year old boy creates animal shelter for stray dogs in the Philippines

After his 8-year-old son started taking daily walks for no reason, father Kay started following Kay on his adventures - only to discover the boy was caring for sick dogs in the neighbourhood.

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Moved by Ken's kindness to three puppies, who were all suffering from mange and other diseases, the father decided to help - and moved the dogs to a temporary home whilst they figured out what to do.

Ken feeding the dogs on the street

And what they decided was to create the Happy Animals Club - a shelter for abandoned dogs.

Ken looking after a pup during a power cut

They rented a small lot and did it up to be dog friendly, they got the dogs treated for mange and other illnesses, and gathered donations to buy the dog food they needed.

Brownie had lots of injuries when Ken first found him

Their charity, which is the first of it's kind on the island where they live, has even been able to take dogs from the local pound and give them a happy home.

These incredible pictures show the difference a good home makes - just look at the two pictures of the original three members of Happy Animals Club before and after.

The three dogs before being rescued
The dogs after a little TLC - look at those happy faces

'I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from being killed for no reason' said Ken, who is now 9.

He has asked people who like his story to donate to his animal shelter, which you can do by clicking here and following the PayPal link.

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