Alton Towers amputee Vicky Balch finds love with new boyfriend: ‘I’m glad it happened’

Months after losing her leg in a horrific roller coaster crash, student Vicky Balch has found happiness again with a new love

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The 20-year-old broke up with her ex boyfriend following the crash as doctors battled to save her leg.

Following six rounds of surgery, Vicky and her medical team decided that the best option for her recovery was to amputate her leg.

After hearing about her ordeal, Vicky’s friend Dan Halton got in touch with her to declare his feelings.

The couple had a brief ‘fling’ but Vicky admitted she turned him down for dates before her accident.

Vicky revealed to The Mirror: “Of course I’d rather still have my leg but in a way I’m glad it’s happened.

“Now my priorities have changed. I’m with Dan, and I’m happier than I probably was. It’s made me re-evaluate and look at what’s important.”

Vicky with fellow survivor Leah Washington and their rescuers (Instagram)

She also revealed:“There was a connection between us and I did fancy him.

“But every time he asked me out I had an excuse.

“It was my first year at uni and I had just broken up with someone who I had been with a year, so I didn’t really want a relationship.

"I was just having fun, I wanted to do what I wanted to do and not have the responsibility of a relationship.”

Vicky admitted that she felt her confidence diminish after the Smiler crash in June and feared she wouldn’t

“But whether I had the amputation or not, I was thinking who would want me? I didn’t feel attractive any more, I didn’t have any confidence.”

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