Acid attack victim: ‘Men tell me that I’m gorgeous’

Naomi Oni’s jealous friend was jailed for throwing acid in her face - now she’s dating again.


by Closer Staff |

Just eighteen months ago, Naomi Oni was a normal 20 year-old girl who enjoyed her job in retail and loved going out partying with her friends.

But in December 2012, her life was changed forever when her jealous friend, Mary Konye, threw sulphuric acid in her face, leaving her with severe burns.

Naomi was so devastated when she first saw her disfigured face, neck and chest in the mirror that she wanted to kill herself.

To add to her misery, two months after her attack, Naomi’s boyfriend ended their relationship and she feared no man would ever find her attractive.

But now, speaking exclusively to Closer, Naomi, 21, reveals she recently dated someone for a few months and, although it didn’t work out, she’s feeling more confident than ever.

She says: “I just never thought anybody would fancy me again.

The acid left Naomi with horrific burns to her face, chest and neck
The acid left Naomi with horrific burns to her face, chest and neck

“My ex ended the relationship soon after the attack and I was heartbroken.

“There have been some dark days when I couldn’t bear to look in the mirror or leave the house.

“Things didn’t work out with the guy I was seeing and we’re just friends but it’s boosted my self esteem.”

Now proud to show off her scars for Closer's photoshoot, she adds:

“When I saw my face for the first time after the attack, I cried uncontrollably.

“I’m a girlie girl and always made sure my hair and make-up was immaculate. I was devastated by my appearance.

“I've found it difficult to get close to people since the attack, especially being betrayed so viciously by someone I thought was a friend. But now, I’m ready to fall in love again”

You can read more of Naomi’s inspirational journey in Closer’s Real Life Special, out today.

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