Accidental thief posts advert online: ‘I stole a cat when drunk- is it yours?’

A merry drunkard woke up to find he had more than a hangover to worry about.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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In a moment echoing the tiger-stealing scene in The Hangover, the inebriated individual was surprised to see he had gathered a new addition to his household in the form of a cat named Django.

In an effort to reunite Django with his rightful owner, the anonymous man -aka Craigslist catnapper from Chico California-posted an advert on Craigslist (that’s gumtree to us), writing:

'Possibly stole someone’s cat when I was drunk last night

If anyone’s missing a cat named Django (pronounced Jango the D is silent) I stole him last night.

The unwilling catnapper from Chico, Calfifornia ( NOT pictured here)
The unwilling catnapper from Chico, Calfifornia ( NOT pictured here)

Not on purpose, I was extremely intoxicated and thought he was just some random stray I was rescuing.

It was not until this morning when I was haphazardly going for a glass of water that I remembered I took the cat and noticed that he had a collar.

'Django is a frisky black cat with sleepy eyes and appears to be stoned'

Django is a very frisky black cat, he also has very sleepy eyes and appears to be stoned although I don’t think he is.

If Django belongs to you I would like to give him back, I have been feeding him cheese all morning and I don’t want him to sh*t all over my apartment.

So please feel free to get back to me and get your cat back. Thanks. And sorry for stealing him (an accident)’.

We hope Django gets reunited with his owners!

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