7/7 widow faces jail after stealing £50,000 from son’s trust fund

A woman left widowed by the terror attacks in London is now facing jail, after it was revealed she blew £50,000 left in trust for her son.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Louise Gray, 42, was devastated after her husband Richard was killed in the 7/7 bombings, but has now admitted she squandered compensation that was left for her son Adam on luxury items.

Adam was only 11-years-old when his father was killed by the suicide bomber near Aldgate station in 2005, and was awarded £50,000 to secure his financial future.

The money was entrusted to his mother to look after - should he need it during his youth.

'She’s never shown any real remorse or made any attempts to pay me back.’

But this week Ipswich Crown Court heard how his mother blew the funds on a lavish lifestyle, purchasing four cars, treating herself to shopping sprees and having dinner at the Ritz.

She also bought several chihuahuas, quit her job as a carer and purchased a jacuzzi.

Adam's dad was killed in the London bombings
Adam's dad was killed in the London bombings

It was only when Adam asked for some of his money to finance an apprenticeship and a move to London, that he was told it was all gone.

‘Justice needs to be served’ said Adam, who is now 20.

‘It’s been more than a year since I confronted mum over stealing my compensation and she’s never shown any real remorse or made any attempts to pay me back.’

Louise herself was given £250,000 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, and her children were together left £150,000.

Adam was worried about having so much cash when he turned 18, so asked his mum to look after it for him. She promised she would not spend the money but a year and a half later it was gone.

He won a payout in civil court, but his mum refused to comply with the ruling and she now faces jail for theft.

Adam has since made the heartbreaking admission that it feels as if he has lost both his parents after his mother's deception.

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